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DOS Stamp™ Feature Locator return to top
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Some parts omitted for illustration purposes.  Shown with options.

  1. 40 MHz CPU (2 DMA channels, power save modes, 3 timer/counters, 2 UARTs, general purpose I/O, 80186 instruction set) return to photo
  2. 512K SRAM return to photo
  3. 256K flash (128K BIOS and DOS, 128K flash disk) return to photo
  4. Year 2000 ready real time clock with timed power-up and external power-up input return to photo
  5. 17x2 header with 16 digital I/O, connects to industry standard I/O module mounting boards return to photo
  6. 2 RS-232 serial ports.  Second serial port may be optionally configured for RS-485 instead. return to photo
  7. Timed power-up circuit (requires off-board PNP or P-MOSFET transistor, or relay) return to photo
  8. 8-channel, 12-bit ADC (optional) with built-in S/H, reference, and software configurable input ranges (0 to +5V, 0 to +10V, -5 to +5V, -10 to +10V) return to photo
  9. 32-pin DIP socket accepts optional 256K or 512K flash, or DiskOnChip® 2000 for up to 144 MB of non-volatile storage return to photo
  10. Voltage monitor ensures valid conditions for CPU operation. return to photo
  11. 20x2 multipurpose header with these functions:
· Simple bus interface for easy expansion (AD0 - AD7, A0 - A2, ALE, RD#, WR#, 2     chip selects, 2 interrupts)
· External reset input
· Reset output
· External power-up input
· Power-up output
· RS-485 +/-
· RS-232 RX, TX (x2) or RS-232 RX, TX, RTS, CTS
· +5V and GND power input
· 8 analog inputs
· Analog reference voltage output
return to photo

DOS Stamp™ Specifications return to top
Power requirements: +5 V at 200 mA (40 MHz full speed), software programmable for lower speeds with less power consumption:
1/2 speed:  120 mA
1/4 speed:    80 mA
1/8 speed:    60 mA
1/16 speed:  50 mA
1/32 speed:  40 mA
PC board: 6-layer FR-4 with VCC and GND planes for low RFI and good EMC.
Dimensions: 2.600 x 2.000 x 0.625 in.
Environmental: 0-70° C, wider ranges available.  No heatsinks or derating required.

DOS Stamp™ Compatibility return to top
The DOS Stamp™ is 100% instruction set compatible with the 8086, with extensions for enhanced performance. However, the DOS Stamp™ interrupt, timer, DMA, and UART peripherals are not software compatible with the 8259, 8253, 8237, and 8250 used in the PC. This means the DOS Stamp™ will not work with programs which use these peripherals.  Example programs are included with the DOS Stamp™ Starter Kit which show how to work with the DOS Stamp™ peripherals.  Call our engineering department to discuss your concerns or direct an e-mail to

DOS Stamp™ Software Development return to top
Developing your embedded application software is as easy as programming a PC. With the DOS Stamp™, you can use any compiled language which has I/O input and output functions and produces a stand-alone EXE.
The DOS Stamp™ is supplied with a C library which contains example programs and functions to operate the I/O hardware and speed your application development.

DOS Stamp™  is a trademark of Bagotronix Inc.
DiskOnChip® 2000 is a registered trademark of M-Systems Inc.

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